Caramel Apples - An Original

Have you ever tried wrapping apples by with those store-bought sheets of caramel that never seem to stick to the apple, or worked hours trying to make that perfect caramel only to be disappointed or burned?  We've been there and have learned an easier way...


  1. Chill an organic crispy green apple after washing it.
  2. Remove the core of the apple. (We karate chop it out!)
  3. Unwrap 3-4 Coover Caramels and squish pretzel bits into them.
  4. Stuff the apple with the caramel pretzel filling.
  5. Cut your caramel apple into circle slices.
  6. Enjoy the dynamic blend of sweet & sour - it's the perfect treat!

Make ten at a time and share them with friends, because "Life Really Can Be Sweeter."

Caramel Apples - Cut and enjoy